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A global import trading company with focused experienced staff and a large global network of contacts.

Our overseas Import & Export Agents provide a global sourcing service, specialising in China and Asia engineering product sourcing,


Weiale Trading Ltd - Imported Products

We can offer a wide variety of top quality engineered parts and various other foreign imports at excellent prices. All China sourcing agents or products that are made in China and Asia are all closely controlled by trusted family members with many years of engineering experience therefore we are able to assure our customers that we have trusted quality control and handling systems in place.

Here are just a few of the products that we have imported:-

  • Engineering components
  • Far east sourcing
  • Cheap engineering supplies
  • Outsource to China
  • Products assembled in China
  • Engineering assemblies
  • Castings from China
  • Forgings from China
  • Commercial vehicle parts and accessories
  • Machinery
  • Car wheel weights
  • Golf trolleys
  • Oriental gifts


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