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We are a new dynamic UK import trading company specialising in importing engineering goods into the UK.


Weiale Trading Ltd - UK Import Traders

Weiale Trading Ltd specialises in the overseas production or sourcing of engineering products and importing them into the UK at very competitive prices. With strong family contacts in China and many years engineering experience in the UK we can ensure quality and accuracy is maintained while keeping costs to a minimum.

Our main experience is concentrated on the production or sourcing of high quality engineering items and assemblies however the range of products and goods we have imported into the UK for our clients has varied over the years including engineering tools, machinery, industrial equipment, golf trolleys, oriental gifts and recently car wheel weights. Being UK import traders we can source and import almost anything and we can deliver your order to anywhere within the UK.

Whether you are a small or large company you will benefit from our efficient service and low competitive prices - this is made possible because our company has established a large network of trusted contacts and suppliers and is therefore able to negotiate the best priced deal on UK imports for you.

In our business of worldwide import trading we have gained a reputation for an efficient and professional service at a low competitive price. Just give us a call to see how you could benefit.

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